Keeping track of your assets is a difficult and sometimes laborious task, but ask yourself this – do you really know where all your assets are? 
How many of your assets are either – 
At another site? 
With a customer? 
With a supplier? 
Damaged and awaiting repair? 
Written off? 
Just seemed to have vanished but you’re sure its somewhere around? 
Wouldn’t it be great if you could know where all your assets are at the push of a button or a click of a mouse? This is where we can help you. 
Whether in the first instance you are looking to investigate the possible cost savings and return on investment that an asset management system can provide or have identified the need for such a system and want to undergo some initial trials and tests, we can help and advise you every step of the way - and in language you will understand. Our advanced technology solutions can keep track of almost anything, backed up by our comprehensive software suite. 

What can we track? 

We implement systems which locate, track and manage almost anything. We primarily focus knowledge, experience and our value-added activity in assets that are uniquely identifiable. The benefits that an organisation can gain in increased visibility and control over the assets life-cycle, whether that is from a financial or customer service perspective, can be easily measured with our software suite. 
We really do understand that each organisation will have its own unique blueprint of what assets to not only track but also the processes around doing so. Working together to find an individually tailored solution is an Allround Storage Solutions speciality, no matter how large or small the solution is. The technology we use spans conventional bar codes systems, passive and active RFID solutions and Bluetooth expertise to provide you with an auto-ID answer. We can also provide complete warehouse tracking solutions with our RTLS (Real Time Location System) solution. 
Whether we are talking about manufacturing components, power tools, MHE or pretty much anything, our technology solutions and tracking systems can work for you and put you back in control. 
Do you have an idea or concept that you’re not sure will work?  
Why not contact us and we can look at how Allround Storage Solutions can help you. 
How often do you have staff searching for missing assets in your business? We know items can become misplaced but not being able to track what is happening can often be costly, not only in monetary terms but in less than efficient customer service. 
High value, specialised and critical pieces of equipment can often misplaced, left ‘on site’, or lost in transit and at who’s cost? Ensuring that an engineer has not only the correct tools for the job but also the correct inventory on board to satisfy the client requirement is essential for customer excellence. Checking the equipment back home is crucial for the ‘next job’ too. 
We track large and small assets, such as tooling for automotive manufacturers right down to cabling for internet providers, across single & multiple sites and in-transit. 
Making sure the right equipment is in the right place at the right time can offer you considerable cost savings. 

Reusable Transport Items (RTIs) 

Losing track of roll cages, containers, pallets, crates and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) etc from one site to the next in a delivery return loop is not only frustrating and time consuming in locating them but can also be extremely costly if they are lost completely. 
Having RTIs and being able to reuse them many times over their life cycle is the cost attraction over a single use alternative, but of course this only works if there is visibility of their whereabouts at all times. 
Of course, it is not only the RTI that is the critical element but what the container holds, not only for you but for the client that you are delivering to, lost inventory is an issue at both ends of the equation. Being able to monitor an individual RTI at any stage throughout the supply chain process is essential for those suppliers at the forefront of customer excellence. 
Being able to validate the contents of a container prior to despatch from your premises without having to scan and record individual items can only increase operational accuracy and efficiency. 
Health and safety can be high on the list of priorities for perishable or hazardous goods for both distribution operatives and end users. 
For more Information please contact us on 01753 910344 or fill out the form on our contact page. 
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