Many companies enjoy an even trading pattern throughout the year but then they can experience a spike in volume at busy trading times, such as Christmas or Easter. To save on capital expenditure to purchase new equipment, rental equipment is commonly used to help cover the high volumes. One of the advantages to this is the immediate availability of equipment we can offer to customers as rental equipment is commonly held in stock and can be delivered or collected straight away. There is no minimum rental term to worry about either – you can choose the length of time you wish to hire any equipment from one day to one year if needs be. 
Sometimes standard equipment is not a suitable option due to incompatibilities in the Distribution network, such as rental roll cages that do not nest with the current roll cages. However, we can supply made-to-measure rental equipment to your current specification to avoid this problem, ensuring the Distribution network runs smoothly. This equipment is typically hired over longer contracted periods of three to five years. 
> Are you thinking of hiring in rental equipment from another source? 
> Are you concerned about returning the equipment on time? 
> Are you worried about losing some of the equipment and what it might cost you? 
No problem - we can help you control this situation by simply tracking and tracing the rental equipment for you. An inexpensive RFID tag can be fitted to the rental equipment before they go into use, and each individual item can be monitored through the supply chain. The equipment can be scanned when leaving the Distribution Centre or Warehouse, scanned upon point of delivery/collection and then scanned back into the Distribution Centre or Warehouse. With our web-based software platform you will know in real time if any of the rental equipment is missing, and maybe more importantly where it went missing so that it can be returned. 
For more Information please contact us on 01753 910344 or fill out the form on our contact page. 
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