Having decided on the most appropriate technology to track your assets, equipment or inventory, the next step is how to collect, store and manage this data in a way that is both relevant and useful. 
From the easy-to-use dashboard you can access a host of different applications and reports such as asset registration and tracking, process management, a complete audit trail, reconciliation, compliance monitoring & reporting. We can even customise the software for you so it reflects the exact nature of your business. 
Depending on the technology chosen, asset location and audit identification can now be a very straightforward process, achieved through a simple hand-held scanner or even just a Bluetooth enabled smart phone or tablet. Existing databases can also be very simply exported over. 

SenseAnyWare MODULE  

SenseAnyWare providing a Business Intelligence extension for customised dashboards. 
Single Sign-On 
Direct ‘dashboard only’ login 
Multiple widget types, on many dashboards 
Widget types including charts, graphs, tables, maps, timelines 
The sophisticated sub-platform allows us to capture data from across a host of different technologies and applications, whilst presenting you with a simple and understandable web-based interface. The software can also be integrated with your existing WMS and ERP systems for total control and transparency. 
The auto-ID software is focussed on delivering complete visibility whilst delivering reporting and alerting systems for improved operations management and control. 
Real-Time Visibility 
On-line reports and exporting 
Standard Operations and Workflows 
Tracing and alerting 
Open WebAPIs 
Mobile App (standard) 
SaaS delivered, scalable 
For organisations that need to be able to physically locate and track, as well as manage and report on their assets and equipment our software provides a complete end-to-end solution. Combining the most appropriate auto-ID technologies we can deliver accurate, real-time visibility and tracking – across locations, resources and in-transit – for the lifecycle of an asset. You can then be in full control knowing where each asset is and more importantly making sure it is where it is supposed to be. 
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