Bar codes are the most cost effective solution as the unit price is very low and as such ideal for lower value and/or high volume returns. Used for identification and scanning a barcode is machine-readable data represented in 1D (vertical lines) and 2D (data matrix). In addition to the well-recognised barcode labels, the technology also includes DPM (direct part marking) where assets are marked permanently to allow for tracking through an entire lifecycle. 
Bar codes though do require direct line-of-sight in order to work, so the operator would have to directly point the scanner at the bar code, typically within a range of 12 inches. Therefore in certain applications it is quite critical to place the bar code where it can be easily accessed and scanned. Bar codes can be laminated to give them extra durability, but once defaced or damaged the bar code cannot be re-written and a new bar code would have to be fixed. 
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