The first step with any asset management system is deciding on the best type of technology that will be best suited for your requirement. Your reasons may be based on the fact that you need to keep track of your assets because they are unaccounted for and you think they are getting lost, or because you want to improve on warehouse and stock/inventory procedures and dynamics. Your requirement may depend on certain criteria such as do the assets have to withstand the outdoor elements, steam cleaning, oven or freezer temperatures etc. Whatever your reasons are, Allround Storage Solutions with their experience can help and advise you. 
We won’t try and advise you on one specific technology though if we believe that one technology will not be sufficient – our specialist area is finding the best mix of all technologies that are used in conjunction to produce an end solution that meets your exact requirement and your budget, all backed up by our award-winning software. 
Of course it would be great if an ‘off the shelf’ option was available to all, but in our experience this is never the case. You will have to consider – 
Which type of system you need – manual scanning or the use of auto-ID technology? 
What infrastructure is needed to put a system in place and at what cost? 
If not bar codes then which type of RFID tag, active or passive, and what frequency – LF, HF or UHF? 
What is the read range I can rely on?. 
What do the tags have to affix to – wood, plastic, metal? 
Will the bar codes or tags be subject to dirt, grease, impact etc? 
Will there be any variation in temperature or humidity the tags need to withstand? 
There are, of course, more questions that will need answering, and the answers are found and solved when your requirement is investigated further. Our technology know-how in auto-ID systems which include bar codes, RFID, Bluetooth and RTLS will find the right solution for you. We will provide you with an onsite evaluation and written report that, in our opinion, lets you know which technology or combination of technologies is best suited for your requirement. This is also a free initial assessment. 
Here is a quick overview of the main technology we can offer. We also provide RTLS technology for complete stock and inventory control applications. 
Bar Code 
Passive RFID 
Typical Applications 
High volume, low value, consumables/inventory, manufacturer marked, fixed assets 
Higher volume, medium value consumables/inventory, user marked requiring automatic ID in constrained environments or mobile, e.g. doorways, conveyors 
High value equipment requiring zone based tracking, e.g. medical equipment, plant, industrial assets 
Low cost Labels and Devices 
Machine readable 
In-built accuracy checks 
Global Standards 
Read by any smartphone 
Global standard 
Low Cost Tags, many formats 
Range – few meters 
Fixed & Mobile Readers 
Not line of sight, high concurrency 
High accuracy at short range 
Indefinite life 
Can be secured 
Long range (up to 50m indoors) 
Flexible infrastructure 
Constant monitoring 
Effective on-vehicle 
Lower cost readers 
Read by any smartphone (with an App) 
Line of sight 
Short range 
Read only 
Sequential scan 
Limited durability 
Can be copied 
Requires RFID specific equipment, including handhelds 
Industrial Readers/Antennae expensive 
RF physics limitations 
Not suitable for zoning 
Cannot triangulate 
Tag cost 
Definite tag life (Conneq 5-10 yrs) 
For more Information please contact us on 01753 910344 or fill out the form on our contact page. 
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