Managing inventory and stock efficiently is key to any successful business but can be a challenging task. The enhancement of RFID technology to read multiple tags in one go now offers far better control than hand scanning conventional bar codes. As the tags are read automatically this eliminates any mistakes the operator might make whilst manual scanning, and the tags can be read from a distance so there can be substantial labour savings costs too. 
Receiving and despatching of goods can be very much simplified as stock can be auto-scanned in and out. With a Real Time Location System (RTLS) you can have, at the press of a button, a complete inventory and stock overview using a virtual computerised warehouse site map and overlay. You will therefore know exactly what is in the warehouse and maybe more importantly exactly where it is in the racking or floorplan. 
Performing an annual stock take or warehouse inventory can also become more of a straight forward procedure with RFID technology. As RFID tags do not require direct line-of-sight with a scanner then stock doesn’t actually have to be ‘seen’ to be scanned as the tags will be picked up when out of sight. 
Depending on the tag and scanner used, an operator only has to sweep a scan-gun around a room for all tags to be picked up and not go searching for them. In a warehouse environment though the operator will still have to get closer to stock that requires scanning but they won’t have to ‘unpack’ every stock item in order to read the bar code. 
Our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology can also save you time and money when processing stock and inventory. 
With read ranges close to 100 metres away and with our dedicated mobile app, stock and inventory can be simply accounted for using a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or device. There are no expensive set-up costs in terms of infrastructure or fixed readers as the mobile device will identify the unique tag signal, collect and then transfer the information to the software suite. 
You need not worry about software concerns either as our award-winning SenseAnywhere software will comfortably handle everything. 
From the initial stock registration and identification right through to outbound despatch and proof of delivery, we can take care of it. We can even seamlessly integrate your WMS and ERP software with ours so that you stay in control. Existing stock information can very simply be ‘copied and pasted’ from Microsoft Excel and other applications, so there is no laborious input of information to being with. Once the information is loaded you can then access a wide range of data and reports, both real time and historical, which can help you to make informed decisions. 
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