We can also offer the latest in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solutions as an alternative to bar codes and RFID. Bluetooth technology is now common-place in our lives with most computers, mobile phones and cars equipped with it. BLE provides the same asset management and inventory control capabilities as bar codes and RFID but with significant costs savings in infrastructure implementation and hardware. 
A BLE system uses a USB node that simply plugs into any Bluetooth enabled computer or workstation and acts as the zone for any BLE tags. There is therefore no need for any infrastructure costs such as fixed readers or portals that a bar code or RFID system would require. Also, the tags can be read by any Bluetooth enabled mobile device which eliminates the need for any costly scanners. The read ranges greatly increase with this this technology as well, close to 100 metres. However, the tags are more expensive than bar codes and RFID tags. 
Tough, industrial tags designed in the UK for commercial use 
Rapid deployment, requiring no extra infrastructure or installation of tag readers at a site 
Highly configurable tags with extended battery life (up to 10 years depending on range and usage) 
Ability to read tags from any Bluetooth enabled mobile device 
Doesn’t interfere with WiFi and offers bigger zone ranges (and high concurrency) 
Able to include multiple IDs and inlays, including EPC and GS1 identifiers 
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